Gala 2017: Jazz Night

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Response from For the Love of Children

Hi Jyoti and Anil -

I feel Blessed meeting you both and your directors-There is a saying from my book and it applies to you both-" Some people are like precious stones left on the path of life. It is up to us to perceive them, and enrich our hearts with their exhilarating Goodness'' -Yes, I will always keep in touch and let you know when I am next in Toronto-All your hard work paid off-you had wonderful people attending the event-great food, music & auction-Well Done! -and our Board of directors are so grateful to you all-You can send the cheque to 11 Canova Road SW, Calgary, Alberta T2W2K5 - We will be putting a permanent sign for Emajjin Children's Foundation at all the projects that you chose to contribute to-Our way to show our gratitude for helping us with the projects and the children who will benefit -You will be pleased to learn that the first floor to the Peru school is already up-and the repairs to our Nepal orphanage are underway- We will start working on the Cambodian School shortly -Honduras was a rough and dangerous trip as a result of the Hurricane and the heavy rainfall that followed-making it hard for us to deliver the aid-but when you do get to the children you make a big difference- thank you so much again and God Bless! Once the Peru school is finished I like you both to come of the opening-All my Best Wishes to you all-

Ashid Bahl