2016: Sleeping Children Around the World

Our 3rd annual Gala, "Sweet Dreams" benefit Sleeping Children Around the World on Wednesday October 5th, 2016!

Our recipient charity was Sleeping Children Around The World. (SCAW). Sleeping Children Around the World distributes bedkits to children in a ratio of 50% girls and 50% boys, aged 6-12, from any culture or religion. The core philosophy of this unique charity is that every child should be able to get a good night's sleep.

The contents of a bedkit vary from country to country, but always contain bedding and a mosquito net, clothing and school supplies. SCAW was founded by Murray and Margaret Dryden in 1970. Since then, the organization has raised over $40 million to provide bedkits for over 1.4 million children in 34 countries.

We were honoured to have NHL hockey legend Dave Dryden, the current chairman of SCAW, to be speaking at Emajjin's gala. Live entertainment was provided by the very talented vocalist/pianist, Eliza Pope.