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Emajjin Children's Foundation is a registered charity operating solely through a group of dedicated volunteers. We avidly promote partnerships with the community. We value your participation and feedback!

Snapd: Emajjin Children's Foundation 4th Annual Gala - Jazz Night

Snapd: Emajjin Children's Foundation Annual Gala 2016

November 2016 Dr. Gary Leung & Dr. Lisa Vincent - Photo by Nathanel Rookwood.

Dr. Gary Leung & Dr. Lisa Vincent - Photo by Nathanel Rookwood.

Emajjin Children's Foundation supports Canadian charities that focus on children with disabilities or those who are disadvantaged. A new charity is chosen every year to be the recipient of their fund-raising efforts. 2016's recipient charity is Sleeping Children Around the World. The gala took place on Wednesday October 5, 2016. Legendary hockey player Dave Dryden was the guest speaker. There was a formal sit down dinner, silent auction, raffle, entertainment and a live auction. Unique gifts, sports tickets, golf packages and much more were available for bidding.

ProSoft Employee’s Foundation Recipient of Belden’s Matching Gift Program

June 20, 2016

Giving back to the community can be a worthwhile endeavor, an opportunity to improve the lives of others and a chance for an individual to be an active part of their community. For ProSoft’s, Anil Sanwalka, senior engineer, philanthropy has taken on a new level of importance. Sanwalka and his wife, Jyoti, are the founders of the Emajjin (EE-MAJ-JIN) Children’s Foundation, a recent recipient of Belden’s matching gift program.

Sanwalka, who joined ProSoft in 2012, and his wife established the foundation nearly three years ago after being inspired by their special needs child. Jyoti and Anil Sanwalka
The couple wanted to create a foundation centered on providing assistance for children’s charities through a focus on fundraising. Each year, Emajjin selects one partner charity to benefit from the foundation’s yearly fundraising campaign. In 2015, Emajjin partnered with the Pathways to Education organization. The foundation was able raise over $20,000 for Pathways to Education after receiving a contribution from Belden’s matching gift program.

After reading about the matching program in a letter from John Stroup, Sanwalka reached out about having Emajjin selected as a recipient of the program.

“I didn't know anything about the matching gift program and then I got John's letter describing the it,” said Sanwalka. “I reached out to John with an email and within a couple of hours, he had responded to me. I got an email saying we were eligible to do this and that was it.”

The selection as a matching program recipient happened to coincided with Emajjin’s annual fundraising gala. Each year, the foundation holds a fundraising gala focused on that year’s chosen charitable partner. At Emajjin’s 2015 gala benefiting Pathways to Education, Sanwalka was inspired to drive more donations, after knowing that Belden would be matching Emajjin’s donations

“While we were at the gala, I was thinking about Belden doubling my contribution, so I went up on stage and said I'll match anybody who puts in up to $1,000,” said Sanwalka. “Within five minutes, I had $1000. So I said I'll go up to $2000, and I got that. So with my individual contribution, the attendees’ matching contributions and Belden's matching contribution, we raised over $9,000 in total donations.”

The funds donated to Pathways to Education will allow the non-profit to continue to ensure that Canadian students finish high school. The mission of organization is to identify at-risk students and work to develop plans to provide those students with needed supplies to make sure they graduate high school.

Following the success of the 2015 fundraising campaign for Pathways to Education, Sanwalka said he looks to continue the work of the Emjjain Children’s Foundation in funding charities making a difference in the lives of children.

“My wife and I have been very fortunate in our life, we have everything we could every need, and you see so many people that have needs that can't be met. There are people who have the capability to help those individuals, who have ability to do great things and just need the funds. Our goal is provide these good causes with the funds to do these things.”
2015 Emajjin Gala

Dean Artists Management

October 2015

Dear Jyoti,

Many, many thanks for allowing TOT and our young artists to be part of this amazing evening. From all I could observe, it was a great success and I have
no doubt exceeded your goals as a fund-raising project. You and your colleagues have done a great service. And the coverage you so kindly gave us in
your programme is much appreciated; it helps raise our profile with an audience we might not otherwise have a chance to reach; a great opportunity for
our company!

With all best wishes

Henry I.
Director, Concerts Division
Dean Artists Management


October 9, 2015

From: Kate G.
To: Jyoti S.
Subject: Thank You

Good morning Jyoti,
I wanted to reach out and congratulate you on a fantastic event on Wednesday. Thank you so much for including Pathways in the celebration and for all of the effort and thought put into the evening. We are so appreciative of the Emajjin Children’s Foundation’s support.

Wishing you a wonderful long weekend and a happy Thanksgiving,


The Sanfilippo Children's Research Foundation

October 2014

We are in awe of the efforts you and your team from the Emajjin Children's
Foundation went to to create such an amazing event and raise these funds
for the SCRF. $15K is huge and will be a huge help towards making these
clinical trials possible. The words Thank you just doesn't seem to be
enough to convey our appreciation for all you have done, but I'm saying
them anyways!

Thank you , Thank you to your whole team. It was a great memorable night
for us and our family. We were thrilled to be a part of it and the
recipient of your generosity and love.

Warmest regards to you all.


Elisabeth L.
Director, The Sanfilippo Children's Research Foundation